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Your Care

Neasham Road Dental Practice offers and confidential environment to have a range of NHS and Private dental treatments completed.

NHS Patients

All routine treatments include a full examination of your teeth and gums including mouth cancer screening.  We will listen to your concerns and may advise you on any specific lifestyle changes you could make that may improve your health. This might include smoking, alcohol and exercise advice.  


Please be aware that our dental chairs have a safety weight limit of 20 stone. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to treat you safely if you exceed this limit. Please let us know if you think that this may affect you: we will help where we can and let you know your current options for dental care.

We will be unable to offer NHS dental services at all in the future if too many appointments are missed by patients. For this reason, we may withdraw all dental care for you if you fail to attend a booked appointment. Additionally, if you have not attended the practice for an appointment in over 2 years, your NHS place will be offered to someone else.

NHS dental treatment is split into 3 ‘bands’ or charges, depending on which treatments you require to keep your mouth healthy. These band are:

Band 1:  £26.80

This includes a check-up, diagnosis (including x-rays) and advice.

Band 2:  £73.50

This includes everything included in Band 1, plus additional treatment such as fillings, extractions (removing teeth) and periodontal care (gum disease treatment).

Band 3:  £319.10

This covers all treatment included in Band 1 and 2 plus more complex procedures such as crowns and dentures.

Dental emergencies:  if you have an urgent dental need you will be charged a Band 1 fee: £26.80.

You can find more information about NHS dental charges on the NHS website.



Private Dental Care

We can provide private dentistry when a treatment is requested that is not allowed to be offered on the NHS. This includes tooth whitening, white cosmetic fillings and cosmetic crowns.  


You can also self-refer on a private basis to the hygienist for gum treatments and a scale and polish (as long as you have been seen by one of our dentists within 2 years). To access our hygienist service on the NHS you must have a referral from a dentist following a check-up. If you have any questions about our current available private treatments, please call Reception or talk with your dentist when you visit.


We also have a private fee guide on display in Reception.

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